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Franklin County Shelter Notification Program

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Thank you for volunteering to participate in the Franklin County Shelter Notification Program. The objective of the program is to gather information about disaster/storm shelters, family safe rooms, and other structures used for protection during a storm or natural disaster. This will assist the Franklin County Emergency Management Office by knowing of locations that may contain survivors after a disaster event. The Franklin County Emergency Management Office will retain ownership of the data and it will not be shared with anyone other than Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement first responders in the event of a disaster.

To join the program and add your shelter to the database, you will need an email address. All communications from the Shelter Program will occur through the email address you provide. Once you have registered your email address, a Shelter Program account will be issued to the provided email address and further instructions will be emailed to you so you can update the system with the information about your shelter.

Please enter your email address below and click NEXT. Thank you for assisting the Franklin County Emergency Management Office in providing better service through awareness of shelter locations.

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